Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Customer Engagement Leadership Council

Join Your Colleagues on the Customer Engagement Leadership Council

The Council was created to address the needs expressed by our Executive MindXchange participants for a way to continue learning and networking with other marketing and contact center executives. Catalyze your leadership and provide top-notch learning experiences for your executive team.

We're proud and excited – it’s an innovative solution we created to serve your needs on an ongoing basis.  We want to provide you with continuous learning throughout the year, and be the knowledge curators on the issues and imperatives you determine to be most critical. We are committed to facilitating strong connections among all our members, to help you to help each other on your paths.

We think what you do is incredibly important and we want to support you in reaching your highest potential. The power of the Council is in its members, so we hope you do join us! As a Member you ‘ll engage with us and with one another to  co-develop the Council and its services so it delivers the value you expect.  We are your greatest fans

For more information on how to join, contact Matthew McSweegan at 516-255-3812, or email him at

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